Month March 2019

Google Chrome GUI white menu fix

Problem: When you click on the menu button in Google Chrome, a white box appears instead of the menu. This often happens in a virtual machine. Solution: Turn off “Use hardware acceleration when available” and relaunch Chrome.

Connect to Exchange Online with PowerShell

Install Exchange Online PowerShell Module Open Internet Explorer or Edge. (If you are using the Chromium version of Edge you will need to enable Edge OneClick [chrome://flags/#edge-click-once]). Other browsers are not supported. Go to or your local exchange server,…

Add text to a video with FFmpeg

If you want to add text to multiple video files in a bulk operation, FFmpeg is the way to go. You don’t want to manually edit a bunch of videos just to add the same stuff each time. Automation for the win! In this FFmpeg example, we will add some text to this video clip. As you can see, no text yet. We want to add “hard coded” text (that cannot be removed after it is added). We are not talking subtitles/captions. Here is the command, but hold on for a sec… The following command has been made simpler to read by breaking the long command into multiple lines. If you use this command you should remove all ^-symbols, so that everything is displayed in one line. Also don’t miss the spaces in there. This command is made for a Windows environment so it might look a little different if you are on another OS. You can also make the text with a little better position and padding like this: This is the result: Sources: