Download Adobe HDS videos

đź“… Update: This method is now kind of old and I would suggest using youtube-dl instead where possible.

1. What you need

  1. URL Snooper (including WinPcap)

  2. AdobeHDS Helper (link 1)

  3. AdobeHDS Helper (link 2)

  4. AdobeHDS php script

  5. Java

  6. Xampp

  7. PHP environment setup in your computer

2. Download and install java and xampp

  1. Install or update Java

  2. Download and install XAMPP

  3. Setup a PHP environment on your computer by adding the directory of xampp to the environment variables.

3. Download and install the Adobe HDS helper application

The portable pack can be installed anywhere on the computer.

  1. Open URL Snooper
  2. Start «Sniff Network»
  3. Type f4m in the «must contain field»
  4. Start your video in your browser and pay attention to the URL Snooper
  5. Look for entries with the GET f4m (relative) protocol
  6. Right-click the entry and choose “Copy selected URL(s) to clipboard”
  7. Open the “Grab Any Media AdobeHDS.php Helper” and paste the link in the “Manifest or Fragment”
  8. Enter an output name (usually flv, sometimes mp4)
  9. Deactivate the “Delete” option (this is known to sometimes accidentally delete the final output file).
  10. Click on START
  11. When the job is finished the output file is stored in the folder called “Output” That is usually something like C:\Users\username\Desktop\AdobeHDS-Helper-\AdobeHDS-Helper-\App\output

4. Downloading respective subtitles (if available)

If you want the subtitle (.srt) file for the video you can simply change the “Must contain” filed from f4m to srt and look for a link. Copy the link. Paste it in your browser and save the .srt file wherever you want.

NOTE: Running multiple instances of the “helper.jar” for downloading multiple videos is known to cause issues with the manifest. In other words, this may sometimes work but usually it does not.