Make MPC-BC more like MPC-HC

I have been a long time user of MPC-HC which was recently abandoned by its developers. It’s a shame, because the media player was not only versatile and minimal. It was blazing fast, intuitive and very user friendly.

So I started to use MPC-BC instead. Its a great alternative though it honestly looks like a cheap and tacky version of MPC-HC. For me though, some of the default settings are a bit odd.

First of all the player window does not adjust to the video size/dimension. This means that if you open a video in UHD resolution for example, the video player might be super small. Here is how you can fix it:

Just turn on “Auto-zoom” to 100% in Options -> Playback.

Another strange default setting in MPC-BC is that subtitles look very blurry. Almost as if they are burned in the video, even if they are external subtitles. You can fix this by going to Options -> Subtitles -> Rendering and set the “maximum texture resolution” to “Desktop”.

You can also turn off the “dark theme”. Not sure why everyone is so obsessed with that these days. Options -> Player -> Interface -> Uncheck “Use dark theme”.

The startup MPC-BC logo is not really too good looking either. Why not just remove it? Options -> Player -> Logo -> Skip with right arrow until the picture is gone.