How to find compatible parts for Lenovo PCs

Solution 1: Use Lenovo SmartFind website

You can use Lenovo SmartFind to find compatible accessories easily. All you need to know is the machine type number. For example a ThinkPad T580 may have a machine type of 20L9 or 20LA. Not sure what the difference is yet but it is important to get the compatible equipment.

Solution 2: Use website

Use the link below and replace XXXXXXXXXX with the model number e.g 20J6003GMX. This will list all the compatible parts.

You can also try the following Go to and search for any random PC. Click on “show more”.

Select find accessories. This enables you to enter you model number or you can use the dropdown to search for a computer.

Once you have selected a computer all the available accessories should be compatible with the model you have selected.

Solution 3: Use the OCM spreadsheet

Lenovo has something called “Accessories and Options Compatibility Matrix (OCM)” which is basically a huge spread sheet document that contains a matrix list of all compatible products. It is probably easier to use the SmartFind site, but this table includes detailed info and comments from lenovo. Great for IT employees that need to know specifications, FRU and so on…

Understanding Lenovo model numbers and letters

It can be a little tricky to navigate in the jungle of Lenovo products if you do not know your way around. Here is an infographic on how to understand how Lenovo names their laptops for example.