Change display format based on the contents of a folder

Lets say you have a folder with a bunch of pictures in it. It is not very practical to view a folder with pictures as a list of filenames, right?

By default we just get a list of file names if we open a folder with pictures. Wouldn’t it be great if Directory Opus could somehow logically choose “view mode” (such as thumbnails instead) based on the content of the folder? So if you open a folder with a bunch of pictures you get the thumbnail view, and if you open a folder with documents you get the “details” view. In Directory Opus you can. It is quite easy actually. Let us first activate this feature by going to Preferences -> Folders -> Folder Behaviour -> Enable Folder Content Type detection for -> all local and network drives. This lets us use “content detection“. Sounds about right? Hit OK and continue with the next step.

We need to activate Folder Content Type detection. Go to Preferences -> Folders -> “Folder Formats” and under “Content Type Formats” you can see a list of default “Folder Formats“. Each “folder Format type” you see here contains settings on how to display files, if the content of a folder should match the content type. You could make your own but luckily for us there is already a Folder Format called “Images“. This means that you can make settings for how folders with images are displayed. Make sure to check mark it and double-click on “Images” to open the Format settings.

Activate the Folder Format you need.

Choose which view mode you want for the Content Type format. If you click on the “Display” tab you can choose the display mode you want to use for images under “view as“. Here you can choose “Thumbnails“.

You can also customize other settings but that is up to you. That is it really. Next time you enter the folder with pictures Directory Opus will display the files as thumbnails. Note that you have to exit the folder and open it again for the changes to apply.

We now have beautiful thumbnails in Directory Opus. If you are smart you might be thinking “what if I have a folder with mixed content like pictures and documents?”. That is where the “content threshold” comes in. The “content threshold” is the percentage of files in a directory which must be part of the group for the folder format to kick in. You can access this option by double-clicking the Content Type Format (Images for example) and then go to the “options” tab and adjust the percentage.

Adjust how much of a file type group the folder should contain for the format to apply. For some reason setting the percentage to 100% does not seem to work. Might be a bug, but 99% will have the same effect. But usuallyI would just leave it to the default of 25% or 50%. If you have any tips or handy trick on how to take the customization in Directory Opus to the next level let me know 😀