Manually install the SCCM client on a computer

In my experience SCCM is a great tool, but sometimes it is way overklill. Simple operations, like installing the Software Center has to be done from the server and that is not always practical when on the go.

You can however install the client manually. Here is how:

On the SCCM server, under “SMS_DOMAINNAME” copy the folder called “Client” and “Tools” to your client PC. CD to the “Client” folder you copied to the client PC. Run the command:

ccmsetup.exe /mp:tstcm01 /logon SMSSITECODE=tstcm01 FSP=tstcm01

tstcm01 = your SCCM server name Run cmtrace.exe to view the installation log. Open C:\Windocs\ccmsetup\Logs\ccmsetup.log