Print list of files and folders in Windows

Here are a few ways you can get a list of files and folders on a computer. I won’t get into specifics on how to use them. I just wanted to give you the options. 😇

The DIR command (Simple way to list files and folders)

TREE command (Make a directory structure tree)

  • Documentation: Microsoft Docs
  • Articles: SS64, Computer Hope
  • Advantages: Very simple and limited. Good if you just need a tree of the directory structure
  • Disadvantages: Not good if you just need a list of files, advanced filtering or if you need something more visually pleasing.

Snap2HTML (Software to make dynamic HTML)

  • Documentation: GitHub
  • Download: Snap2HTML
  • Advantages: A beautiful and eloquent way to share complex directory structures with other non-technical people. Also, the software is portable, free and allows you to export to CSV or JSON.
  • Disadvantages: Requires HTML and a web browser. The template looks a bit outdated, but you can change it if you know HTML.

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