Copy a Firefox profile to another Windows computer

One of the most frustrating things about Firefox compared to Chrome is that syncing does not actually sync all settings.

In fact, I haven’t even seen any Chromium browser other than Chrome that has actually got this to work.

This means you have to manually copy the Firefox profile to another computer. Mozilla really needs to step up here. 😒

On Windows do the following:

  • Exit Firefox
  • Copy %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\profiles.ini and the folder %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles.
  • If these folders don’t exist on the other computer you can make them manually.
  • Exit Firefox on the other computer.
  • Paste the profiles.ini file and the Profiles folder on the other computer.

This should copy everything. So if you have a large accumulation of history, cache, cookies and so on it might be wise to clean that up before you copy.

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