Normalize audio volume with FFmpeg

Detect highest peaks in an audio file

To find the max volume in an audio file use:

ffmpeg -i input.ext -af "volumedetect" -f null null

In the output, look for: max_volume: #### dB This is the amount which you can increase the volume without clipping.

How to use ffmpeg-normalize python script

This requires python installed. On Windows 10 make sure you have installed Python 3.6.1 at least. You can download python for windows here. Make sure you add python to PATH during installation. To install ffmpeg-normalize open a CMD window and enter:

pip install ffmpeg-normalize

This will make a new WAV file with RMS normalized audio

ffmpeg-normalize -v -f input.mp4

More information here:

NOTE: If you have set ffmpeg to PATH in Windoes 10 please make sure that the path to ffmpeg.exe does not contain any spaces. E.g “C:\New Folder\ffmpeg\bin” will not work, but “C:NewFolder\ffmpeg\bin” will work.